VelWa is an inspection and consulting agency for paint systems on steel,
for utility construction, offshore and windmill industry.

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VelWa is an inspection and consultancy company, specialized in surface preparation, coating application and paint systems for steelstructures. VelWa wants to exceed customer expectations and increase overall quality by focussing on the colaboration between client and contractor.


VelWa inspects, offers consultancy and manages paint application processes. Inspection should lead to approval, consultancy should lead tot streamlined processes and good management should lead to a smooth handling of the inspection.


VelWa puts people first and is eager to share their knowledge and skills. This results in more efficient processes and an increase in quality. It creates an outcome to everyone’s satisfaction.

A challenge? Yes it is, but we will meet this challenge!


About VelWa

Steel preservation is a complex process. VelWa has extensive experience in inspecting blasted steel surfaces and paint systems. VelWa is able to provide sound advice related to surface preparation and paint systems, drawing on highly relevant professional experience of Ton van Velzen and Cees Wassenaar. VelWa believes in collaboration among people with a shared passion for steel preservation.  Clear agreements, concise reports, relevant and feasible recommendations ensure enhanced cooperation and a optimum  quality of paint preservation systems.

Ton and Cees have gained their experience at Metaalbescherming Katwijk, dealing with large projects including, for example, the waste incineration in Wijster and Amsterdam, the football stadium Gelredome in Arnhem, the Strijkijzer in The Hague, the Maeslantkering in the Nieuwe Waterweg, Q8 windmill project near Egmond aan Zee and the Magnum power plant in Eemshaven.

Cees Wassenaar

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Ton van Velzen

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Bicycle viaduct Highway A4 Ypenburg to The Hague

At Hillebrand / ASK Romein steel construction company in Middelburg, the bridge is being built for the bicycle viaduct, which will connect Ypenburg and The Hague. The bridge consists of 9 parts with a total length of 335 meters. Hillebrand has asked VelWa to supervise this project paint technically. The project started at the end of June and we are currently fully engaged in inspections. A wonderful project, which will be viewed and used as an “eye catcher” on the A4 in some time. (June ’19)

New bridge for Dronrijp

The province of Friesland will replace a number of bridges over the Harinxma canal in the coming years. One of the bridges that is being replaced is the bridge at Dronrijp, which consists of a movable part and two bridges. Construction company Hillebrand from Middelburg has been allowed to manufacture the two bridges. The largest bridge has a size of ± 9 meters wide and 40 meters long. VelWa has been asked to supervise the preservation and to carry out the coating inspections. The paint system consists of 1 layer of zinc-aluminum which is applied by means of thermal spraying. This layer is then provided with a four-layer paint system. The total layer thickness of the system is 520 µm. The bridges were installed mid-May / June 2019.

Awning construction Weena in Rotterdam

Jones Lang LaSalle is the manager of the Weena Toren in Rotterdam, among others. VelWa Paint Inspection & Consultancy was allowed to advise and inspect the preservation system of the impressive awning during construction. The awning is made up of frames of 6 to 12 meters, consisting of rectangular tubes. The frames are hot dip galvanized and then equipped with a three-layer paint system. During the implementation, high demands were made on the aesthetic appearance and the lifespan of this awning.
(May ’19)

Energy Substation Borssele Beta

During the construction of the Borssele Alpha topside, HSM Offshore also started with Borssele Beta in the same hall. Hence the extension of the hall by 30 meters, so that both topsides can be built. The process is repeated, but of course learning from the construction of the Alpha topside. The production process is accelerating because experiences at Alpha can now be fully utilized for Beta. The preservation process focuses primarily on recognizing the difficulty of preserving the decks and their structures even better. So plenty of work to be done to get the topside out on time. (Mar ’19)

During the construction of the jacket for Borssele Alpha, which was already installed in December 2018, experiences were gained to build the Beta jacket “even smarter”. We succeeded and, without punch-list items in the field of conservation, the jacket left for its final destination in early May 2019. Again, intensive coating inspections have taken place to optimally achieve the end result. Thanks to the great dedication of the entire coating department of HSM Offshore, and the suppliers of various components, in which VelWa was also present for the relevant inspections for the coating. (May ’19)

Energy Substation Borssele Alpha

Velwa Paint Inspection & Consultancy has been commissioned to carry out the QC activities for HSM Offshore in Schiedam for the conservation of the energy hub Borssele Alpha. The client is TenneT. It is nice to be involved from the beginning, in order to be able to follow  the production and conservation of steel and to experience all disciplines, because there is a lot to do for building a jacket and topside. In any case, we are happy to be part of the QC team of HSM Offshore. (December ’17)

A lot has happened in recent months at the HSM Offshore site in Schiedam. The Jacket from Borssele Alpha is already in place in the North Sea and the topside has been driven out in December. There is a lot to see on the outside of the platform, but what has happened inside is gigantic. So a lot of work is done by many craftsmen from all kinds of disciplines. It is clearly noticeable that “planning” is so dependent on “cooperation”. Do not just look at your own field of expertise, but also try to take into account what another discipline within the construction team still needs to do. Challenges enough. (Dec. ’18)

Energy Substation Borkum Riffgrund 2

As of October 1, 2017, we are involved in the project Borkum Riffgrund 2. The construction of the platform was already in an advanced stage, so it would mainly concern the completion of the construction of the platform. The jacket was already long gone. VelWa is currently busy with inspection of the touch up of preserving everything that is covered with paint. The floors, the doors, the walkways, the cranes, etc. A detailed work to ensure optimum corrosion protection when the platform goes to sea in mid-June. (Oct. ’17)

Two projects at Iemants – Arendonk (B)

From the 7th of August 2017, VelWa is involved in the monitoring of the conservation of two offshore projects at Iemants Steel Structures in Arendonk (B). After blasting the construction, it is metallized and also fitted with a 4-layer paint system. A very high quality conservation that deserves all the attention to be able to do good work at sea, namely: steel protection. (Aug. ’17)

Repair pontoons and walkways

After many years of faithful service, Rijksdienst Vastgoed has commissioned to fully provide three pontoons and two walkways with a fresh coating system. Apart from the large growth below the water line, it is a good idea to remove all the old paint and then to radiate the pontoons and to provide a new paint system, adapted to the current state of the art. A project that will take several weeks and where the conservation company has a real challenge to ultimately let the pontons ‘weather like new’. But that will be done! (July ’17)



Stena Line Europoort (2)

VelWa has begun preparations to initiate inspections of a new quay (south side) of Stena Line Europoort in mid-June ’17. Documents are collected, agreements with conservation companies are made, logistics are mapped out. This way we can start the project with all parties. One tube has already been pre-empted to trigger certain items on the building site. That’s why we were once at the conservation company to make measurements. (May ’17)

The link-span tubes are ready for transport to the building site. It is the start of the supply of various steel structures, to the construction site. The coming time the material will be conserved at various places in the Netherlands. Inspection by NACE Level 2 coating inspectors is required. (July ’17)

The months of September and October ’17 have been busy months to follow the conservation process at various locations and to start up and supervise the painting work at the construction site. The construction of the braking work is nearing its end, but the painting continues for a while. (Oct. ’17)

The project is coming to an end. An impressive braking work is there in the Beneluxhaven in Rotterdam / Europoort. Just a few small things to do, clean up the office and soon Stena Line will arrive. Thanks to Ballast Nedam Infra for allowing VelWa to supervise the coating process. Stena Line good luck with the use of this new brakes! (Dec. ’17)

Chimney Uniper Benelux

VelWa has carried out an inspection on the outside of the 170 meter high chimney of the Uniper Benelux Coal Power Station at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The coating must be resistant in a C5M (high industrial and marine) environment. Next to een few minor damage, the coating is still in good condition. We are proud to carry out the inspection at this location.
(May ’17)


Stena Line Europoort (1)

We are working hard to create a new quay for Stena Line Europoort. Ballast Nedam Infra is the contractor and after the concrete work, carried out in the summer, they are now busy placing the fenders. (Nov. ’16)

The quay is taking shape. All piles are painted and now it is important that the pile head is welded there. After welding, placing the substrate in readiness for the application of the coating. Various tests are carried out to make sure that everything is going well. (Dec. ’16)

The quay is almost finished, the piles are also quite ready to accept the fender panels. The coating company is working hard to paint these (heavy) panels into a three-layer paint system. “All hands on deck” for the 1st ship of Stena Line will soon leave for Rotterdam. (Mar. ’17)


Inspectie op het hoogste niveau


QCCB is committed to quality management, quality control and welding advice within your industry. Quality is central to QCCB. By applying the right quality level, you increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. To achieve this, we focus on the client and advise you on your behalf. In order to optimize the processes during manufacture, we gladly assist you at the time of the contract assessment so as to translate the requirements package transparently towards the workfloor. In addition to advising, we can also take active care of you by auditing your management system and compiling / evaluating quality documents. At the time of the manufacturing process, QCCB is pleased to provide you with the various quality checks to ensure you have a high quality product. For the proper execution of our work, we only work with certified personnel.


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Drone Applications

The Drone Applications company offers the opportunity to perform drone inspections at locations which are difficult to reach. VelWa therefore uses a drone, which is operated by Drone Applications. For example, a clear overview of the status of the quality of conservation of a building can be found. In a clear way, it is mapped out which actions should be taken, but which ones do not need to be undertaken. Cost-saving therefore. If you would like to know more about Drone Applications, please visit their website.

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